. A client with a random plasma glucose of > 200.

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"With type 2 diabetes, the body of the pancreas becomes inflamed.

"With type 2 diabetes, the patient is totally dependent on an outside source of insulin. Numbness. nrsng.


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-. This 100-item quiz will test your knowledge and ability to differentiate the different types of diabetes mellitus, recognizing the clinical manifestations and signs and symptoms of complications, medical management, nursing management, .

NCLEX-RN questions on leukemia 1. .

NCLEX-RN questions on anemia 1.
Other screening tests include the Neuropathic Pain Questionnaire (NPQ) (12 questions) , the Neuropathic Pain Symptoms Inventory (NPSI) (12 questions).

Peripheral Neuropathy Nclex Questions Quizlet Overview Peripheral Neuropathy Nclex Questions Quizlet If you have lost feeling in your extremities, you may be suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

A soft nylon fiber (monofilament) is brushed over areas of your skin to test your sensitivity to touch.

Stroke NCLEX Questions. Numbness. 1.

NCLEX-RN Diabetes Mellitus Questions and Rationale. . Bleeding and impaired hemostasis quiz 1. There are. 5. The quiz will ask questions about causes and effects of neuropathy.


A client with a random plasma glucose of > 200. Pregabalin is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord injury, and postherpetic neuralgia.

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The diabetic patient&39;s lab work comes back with a pH of 7.


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Your health care provider typically checks your Overall muscle strength and tone.